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SMPTE 12M-1-2008

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Television – Time and Control Code (Revision of SMPTE 12M-1999, RP 159-1995 and RP 164-1996)
standard by Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, 02/07/2008

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This standard is one of the oldest SMPTE Standards. It was first adopted in 1975, and it has been widelyused for many systems outside SMPTE's normal area of purview. It was developed for analog televisionrecording systems and thus dealt only with interlaced television systems operating with frame rates up to 30frames per second. It is, however, flexible enough in design to be used in digital television systems, bothstandard definition and high definition. The actual transport of the codewords for digital systems variessignificantly from the transport methods defined for analog systems, and is defined in the associateddocument, SMPTE 12M-2.

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